Tea Infuser Basket

Customer Reviews

This easy to use聽 tea infuser basket 聽has plenty of room for your loose leaf tea to unfurl, and is perfectly suited to steeping just one excellent cup at time. To use it, simply fill the basket with the tea leaves of your choice鈥攁bout one teaspoon of leaves per one cup of water鈥攁nd place it into your favorite tea mug or cup. Top with boiling water and let your tea steep following the steeping instructions. Pull out the聽 tea filter basket 聽when you鈥檙e done steeping and enjoy.聽

Brew yourself something special with a tea infuser that鈥檚 designed for easy use. Our high-quality聽 stainless steel tea infuser basket 聽is the simplest way to brew your own tea at home, offering a quick and convenient way to enjoy all of your favorite loose leaf teas. It鈥檚 also easy to clean. Pair with our other luxury聽 teaware 聽items for a truly exceptional tea drinking experience right at home, including聽 teapots 聽and聽 mugs . And while you鈥檙e here, don鈥檛 forget to shop our complete selection of聽 organic teas , including a wide range of innovative and healthy loose leaf flavors for you to discover.

Made of stainless steel and dishwasher safe.

Approximately 2.75" wide and 2.5" deep.